Les Sims 4 en chiffres

Dexter le 11/03/2015

Aujourd'hui, focus sur cette impressionnante infographie, tout droit sortie de la page Facebook "Les Sims".

Qu'en pensez-vous ?

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22/12/2015 00:37
02/02/2016 21:03
27/04/2016 07:14
This shows real exrpstiee. Thanks for the answer.
27/04/2016 12:26
cik Yaya,kan ada no akaun maybank tu.. buat report polis la dulu, bagi no akaun maybank tu, sure polis boleh trace account owner utk number tu.. kalau bukan akaun dia pon, mesti dia ada kwn subahat dia.. sbb takkan dia nak let go duit 40k tu kat kwn dia.. itu kalau dia ada geng jahat la.. else mmg akaun dia sendiri, mmg nahas la di#&0823a; semoga lebih hati-hati selepas ni yer..
27/04/2016 12:53
Finllay! This is just what I was looking for.
27/04/2016 13:15
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